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Agriculture simplified.


About Us

Our company specializes in the design of technical solutions, industrial design, manufacturing and servicing of automation for farmers and industrial companies. Agriculture is hard, never-ending work that still relies heavily on the use of manpower and manual activity. In recent years, elements of automation and data handling that are already commonly used in industry have begun to make their way into this traditional sector.

Our Goals

Modern technologies can be applied to almost all aspects of agriculture, including crop production, livestock breeding, greenhouse crop production, water and chemical farming, and more. Soil, crops, livestock, feed rations, nutrients, pests and moisture are analysed for optimum profitability, sustainability and environmental protection.

We integrate and deploy technologies, best practices and analytics to observe, measure and respond to various factors. We evaluate data, setting up statistical algorithms to predict future production based on historical data.

We help you implement advanced technologies and systems that significantly streamline manual operations.

Consumer preferences are shifting towards eco-friendly and sustainably produced products

Thanks to automation and new technology, products reach consumers faster. They are fresher and more sustainable

Increased productivity – through automation, yield and speed of production are increased, thereby cost for consumers is further reduced

Thanks to modern data mining techniques, we are able to predict future trends and react to events that have not yet occurred or have not fully developed

The human element will always be a fundamental aspect of farm management, but fully autonomous vehicles, systems and other farm equipment are coming.


Automation focused on agriculture is called “smart farming”. It is a technology that streamlines and automates farming operations, supervising and managing the entire growing or breeding cycle. More and more companies are now emerging in this field, with innovations in robotics, the use of drones, autonomous tractors, harvesters, automatic irrigation, etc. There are also more and more farmers who understand the need to modernise to make their operations more efficient and are implementing these new technologies in their production processes. Automation in agriculture is now one of the most important activities that has a chance to address issues such as a growing global population, labour shortages on farms and changing consumer preferences. The benefits of automating traditional agricultural processes are enormous.


On average, labour accounts for more than 50% of agricultural costs and 55% of farmers are constrained by labour shortages. For example, up to 31% of farmers switch to less labour-intensive crops for this reason. Routine tasks can be automated using robotic technology (such as harvesting robots, automated milking, feeding technology…), which reduces labour costs and labour required in a labour-scarce agricultural industry.

Our Projects


THE AUTOMATION OF FREE RANGING FOR CHICKENS – An autonomous mobile henhouse for commercial free ranging of chickens. The project, focusing on automation, the reporting, and economics of free-range poultry farming with emphasis on the living situation of poultry, local farming, long term sustainability, and ecology.

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